GTA 5 Has Sold Over 65 Million Shipped Copies, Says Take-Two Interactive - GeeksULTD

GTA 5 Has Sold Over 65 Million Shipped Copies

Today, during an earnings briefing, Take-Two Interactive has revealed that GTA 5 has shipped 65 Million copies. This figure was at 60 Million in February 2016.

Grand Theft Auto 5 was released for the first time for PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2013. Its been available on the PS4 and Xbox One for over 2 years now. 1 year has passed now since the game came on PC.

Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Take-Two Interactive, has said during the briefing that the game is still breaking their expectations, despite it being close to 3 years old.

Take-Two also said that Rockstar will announce new games soon.