Liquid Cooled GTX 1080 FE Announced by Colorful and Bykski

Now you might be wondering, what is Bykski? Well, Bykski is a China-based company that manufactures liquid cooling components for computers.

Colorful and Bykski have announced their Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition graphics card, bundled with a full-cover water block. The price is pretty hefty. It’s a $100 Premium for the Founders Edition GPU, and an extra $100 for the water block, so that’s $200 premium over $599 MSRP. So the cost is this card is $799.

Right now, the block comes bundled with the GPU, so you’ll have to install it yourself. But in near future, Colorful may launch the same GPU with factory fitted water block, and that could be $100 cheaper.

Via: TechPowerUp



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