Now You Can Play Games Off Cartridges Designed for Smartphones in the Old Classical Way

A company that is crowd-funded is developing cartridges that support modern smartphones (Android and iOS). It’s bringing back the retro way of playing games. If you’re not big on digital gaming, these cartridges might be for you.

Pico Cassettes, the company that is making these cartridges, are crowd-funded and they’re bringing back the old classical way of playing games through cartridges. They’ve released their first game cartridge. They’ve found a way to release games without going through app stores.

The cartridge connects to your iOS/Android device through the 3.5mm headphone jack. And obviously, the cartridge is for small/retro games only. So don’t expect something like Real Racing 3 on a cartridge.

The cassettes aree plug-and-play, just like the old ’90s era. Pico Cassettes is going to bring this to the digital era, by developing cartridges for modern smartphones like the iOS and Android devices.

The company has released its first cartridge game, named Ninja JaJaMaru-kun, which is an old NES game. Pico Cassettes have raised more than $30,000 with two months remaining, they’re set to announce more games and widen the variety available in the Pico Cassettes.

Right now, their game, Ninja JaJaMaru-kun is selling on a Japanese website for about $45 USD (converted from Japanese Yen). The price is quite high, but remember, this is their first cartridge. The price is expected to drop to about $28 USD (again converted from Japanese Yen), once more game cartridges are out.

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