This is How an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Looks Like Without the Cooler

These are the first pictures of the latest GPU from Nvidia, the GTX 1080. Removing the cooler, we see the core of the GPU, which is smaller than the one on the GTX 980. Also, the PCB of the GTX 1080 is less-crowded than its predecessor, the GTX 980.

We also see the 8GB GDDR5X memory chips. The PCB features 6-phase VRM, all of which is powered by a single 8-PIN PCIe power connector.

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Also, do note that Nvidia is selling the reference GPUs as “Founders Edition” for $100 more than the non-reference versions. Before making any verdicts on this, we would wait and see what the non-reference Pascal GPUs offer.

Source: VideoCardz


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