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5 Best Racing Games Ever Made

Many gamers like racing games. Most of the time, it is hard to find a good racing game to play. Some would like to tune-up their favourite racing car for a race or some would like to play a special car in an arcade racing game. Here are the top 5 racing games you must to play once in your lifetime.

1. Gran Tourismo 6:


This is the sequel of Gran Tourismo 5 with good graphics and brilliant stable racing environment. Gran Tourismo 5 will bring you more than thousands cars from street production cars to super racing cars with tons of challenges that offer alot of playability. It has also simulation mode which include driving test for driving license that is not easy to pass. There are lot combinations of racing modes like NASCAR, drift racing, pro-circuit races and online challenges that make Gran Tourismo 6 worthy to be in top 5 racing games. However, this game is PlayStation exclusive.

2. rFactor 2:


Some of gamers don’t like to enjoy difficult games but their are some challengers who like to experience a hard-to-play game. rFactor 2 is one of the games that are hard to beat. However, rFactor 2 has made huge fan base with its realistic physics-based gameplay and dynamic weight distribution. That made it very close to real life-like racing simulation. One more thing about this game is its modding and scaling made it to the top 5 racing games ever made.

3. Forza Motorsport 4:


Forza Motorsport 4 got hefty visual graphics and an amazing Auto-vista mode which is an option to customise your car in any way you like to. You can aslo race it against your friends online. You can also share your car online too. Forza 4 had huge fan base because of excellent graphics, game play and accessbility.

4. Mario Kart 7:


Mario Kart 7  introduced by SNES had muti-terrain races within single track. Mario Kart 7 is console-kart racing game to have fun with. Nintendo’s outdated game characters like Mario, Luigi and Sonic are included in Mario kart 7 racing through the different modes of tireless gaming on a single track. This is fun to play with the legend characters of Nintendo and Sega games of 90’s.

5. Need For Speed Underground 2:


One of the best NFS games ever made by the Electronic Arts. Need For Speed was the perfect mix of almost everything. It gave the gamers to play in open world game play including customizing of lot of cars with cool graphics. This game had many of best soundtracks from Snoop Dogg and Queen’s of Stone Age which makes your listening experience pretty good. Racing through neon-lit city for fame, glory and to make money from races to get you best customization of your racing car. Some dollars to spent to keep your car on the magazine cover which make it worthy to be the top 5. Absolute masterpiece.