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Apple Releases New WatchOS 3


After announcing their new iOS 10 and MacOS Sierra, Apple made first announcement about its new WatchOS 3 in its Apple’s Worldwide Conference. The new WatchOS 3 have some amazing improvements than last OS 2 especially in performance features. The Instant Launch feature has made it possible for WatchOS 3 to launch app which is 7 times faster than WatchOS 2. There are other UI improvements too like user can access to their favourite apps by tapping the side button. Users can also make changes in new Contol Center or reply faster without tapping the reply button.

New Scribble features allows users to draw letters to type words. New safety features calls 911 in a few seconds just by holding the side button.

Apple has added a new feature in its fitness tracker known as Activity Sharing. With the help of this feature, users will be able to share their fitness track and fitness details to other people. The new Health app helps users to relax with its breathing techniques.

New WatchOS 3 has third party developer support which includes background processing for fitness apps, naive control and APIs for speaker control.