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We all know how awesome DICE’s latest installment to the Battlefield franchise, Battlefield 1, looks. The latest installment, Battlefield 1, set to release soon, has enormous eye candy visuals to satisfy World War 1 is its old days. Gamers all around the world had the chance to witness Battlefield 1 in a live stream set by EA at E3 2016.

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As we all know the PC is the platform where performance could be scaled according to your preferences. However, most PC users tend to favor the maximum details from a game if their PC could handle it. Here’s the typical in-game settings for the PC users. As of the screenshot taken from the in-game graphic settings we can observe that the game has support for DX12. Some more options to tweak include Graphics Quality, the Resolution Scale, the UI scale factor and many more settings. As we can note from the above screenshot of the in-game settings we can observe that the game is being down-scaled as you go above 50%. Usually, the Resolution Ratio is at 100% on most games, even on Battlefield 4. This is quite a different approach but well done, makes sense. For those who wouldn’t realise maxing out the resolution scale to 100% will effectively run the game at 2880p and downscale it for you as a test conducted by Digital Foundry

For users who have 1080p monitors who want to upscale their game for extra eye candy will need to make sure their Graphics card is well enough to handle it. There are tons of gamers who rely on upscaling their game while having a low resolution monitor.It’ll be interesting to see any improvements in the game since the game is still in BETA.

At the moment, the official requirements for Battlefield 1¬†aren’t released yet but unless you live in a nutshell, Battlefield 1 will go on sale for PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on October 21st, 2016. Stay tuned for more from GeeksULTD.