Destiny Rise of Iron Not Releasing For Old-Gen Consoles And There’s More Bad News

Bungie is a very respectable game developer. Their Halo series are one of the most successful games. However, the Bungie’s current game, called Destiny, is going very good. But there’s bad news for PS3/Xbox 360 users. Destiny was released in 2014 and since then Bungie has been giving Destiny players a constant stream of updates and bug fixes. The game is going very good among FPS fans since its launch.

Destiny’s biggest update to date is going to be called Destiny Rise of Iron. In Destiny Rise of Iron, the players are guardians. Destiny Rise of Iron will bring improved gameplay mechanics, new weapons and new gear. However, Destiny Rise of Iron isn’t coming to all versions of the game.

On its recent blog post, Bungie revealed that the Destiny Rise of Iron is not coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game. The old consoles are described as “legacy” consoles by Bungie. Bungie has confirmed that the players will need to upgrade their console if they want to play Destiny Rise of Iron.

And the bad news for PS3/Xbox 360 users doesn’t end there, Destiny Rise of Iron will bring a huge change to the progression system of the game. The progress was the same on PS3 & PS4 and Xbox 360 & Xbox One till now. But after Destiny Rise of Iron, the progression system of the game will be separated, forcing you to upgrade your console if you want to play Destiny Rise of Iron. All consoles will have a separate Destiny progression system starting from August.

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Sorry, Old-gen users, the bad news still isn’t stopping. Bungie is changing their policies for in-game events. and the Destiny app on Android and iOS isn’t going to support all features. Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris will also stop working on legacy consoles two months later, in August. The Silver Button policies are also changed.

Despite the less-experience on the old consoles, Bungie promises the users that their game will continue to work. If you want to fully experience Destiny, then you must upgrade your console and play the game on the PS4 and Xbox One without losing your data from previous console. Bungie has a very good account importing guide on which you can take a look at if you are upgrading.