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Google Reportedly Preparing To Manufacture Its Own Smartphone




Google is planning to manufacture their own smartphone according to reports by Telegraph. Google is expected to release their own smartphone by the end of this year. On top of this, Google is already having agreements with mobile operators. This time they want to have full control on their smartphone brand just like Apple to iPhone.

Recently, Google created single hardware division under the supervision of  Ex-CEO of Motorola, Rick Osterloh. Osterloh will now oversee products owned by Google like the Project Aura (modular smartphones and Chromebooks), the Nest, Nexus smartphones & tablets and Chromecast dongles.

Android is owned by Google which is already the OS of  80% of total smartphones in the world. Google relies on other smartphone brands to build them hardware. And those brands are creating problem for Google’s own operating system by introducing new tweaks in their flagship smartphones.

Google already played their role to stop such updates by other brands by making Nexus brand over the course of the last six years. They partnered with selected brands to build the Nexus smartphones and tablets. Google always wanted to feature the best of their Android OS features in the Nexus devices. Google is already working with HTC for their new two Nexus smartphones which are expected by the end of this year. The specifications of the Nexus device by HTC were also leaked recently.

During last week, Huawei is working on their software unless if Google changes the way of developing its Android software as it used to be. As for Samsung, they tried the same with Tizen, though it didn’t make any significant impact in markets. Microsoft built their own Windows OS but it never had significant impact on the market sales.

Big problem with Google is that they struggle to get software and network regular updates. Only 10% of Android smartphones are using the latest Android Marshmallow OS which was released last year. On the other hand, 84% of iOS smartphones got latest iOS update.

Google is adapting the same way of Apple by gaining total control on Android by manufacturing their own smartphones.