Lenovo's Phab 2 Pro is a GAME CHANGER, comes with 4 cameras to run Tango's AR - GeeksULTD

Lenovo recenlty had their Lenovo Tech World 2016 event where they showed off their awesome and mind-blowing Phab 2 Pro which is Lenovo’s flagship. Lenovo teamed up with Google’s Project Tango Team since January 2015 and finally stopped teasing about it. Today, Johnny Lee from Google showed off impressive demos at the event. Here’s all about the Phab 2 Pro which brought Project Tango’s dream to life!


Screenshot (29)

Screenshot (30)

Screenshot (32)

Screenshot (33)

Screenshot (34)Screenshot (35)

Screenshot (36)

Everything from the device looks very impressive. This could bring competition to this end of the market. But I am a bit confused why they didn’t completely show off the specs of the Phab Plus Phew! this was all about the Phab Pro 2, though they didnt actually reveal the proper specs of the device. Though they say that it’ll be under US$499 and will be available globally in September 2016!