Microsoft Officially Announces Project Scorpio – The Most Powerful Console Ever Made

At their briefing at E3 2016, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has officially announced Project Scorpio, which, according to them, will be the fastest console ever made. Project Scorpio will be coming in 2017. And ofcourse, the Project Scorpio is going to be a powerhouse.

Its gonna support true-4K resolution and VR capability. Its gonna boast 6 TFLOPS of power. According to Phil Spencer, the Project Scorpio is going to be an Xbox One with much powerful hardware and it will run games at 4K ultra-HD resolution natively. It will also support high-fidelity VR. Long story short, its going to do everything happening in PCs right now. And according to Microsoft, its going to be the most powerful console ever made. Project Scorpio is going to be more than a simple refresh of the Xbox One, according to Microsoft.

Project Scorpio will support Oculus Rift and it will bring VR to home-consoles. No details about the name are out, Project Scorpio is just a code-word. Its still pretty early to announce it though. According to Microsoft, Project Scorpio is going to be console for their customers.

Project Scorpio, Xbox One S and Xbox One, all are going to be compatible with each other. The library is going to be shared too, meaning the game you play on Xbox One will be playable on both the other consoles too.

No details about the release date is revealed, however, it is expected to arrive next year.

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