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New GTA 5 Easter Egg Allows the Player to Play as a Teen Wolf

Grand Theft Auto 5 is now almost 3 years old but still some players have discovered a new easter egg in the game. This just shows that how deep the developers went when making the game. This new easter egg lets you play with a teen wolf. Yes, a teen wolf!

However, this is by far one of the most hidden easter eggs in the GTA series. Getting to play as the teen wolf is not easy as you think it is. First of all, before doing anything, this easter egg requires a 100% completed game. After this, the easter egg involves a quest that requires you to go around in Los Santos in search for 7 golden peyotes and 27 peyote plants. You can collect all the things using Franklin, Micheal or Trevor.

After meeting all these difficult requirements, in bigfoot form, you will be up against a teen wolf, called “The Beast”. Once you beat The Beast, the character will be unlocked in director mode.

Here is a detailed 17 minute walkthrough on how to get the easter egg:

Via: GTA Series Videos

Also, if you wanna see some gameplay of the easter egg, check out this video by GTA Series Videos:

This easter egg is not a mod or anything. Its not only on PC. You can get this easter egg in PS4, PC and Xbox One.