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PS VR Preorder Stock Sells Like Hot Cakes, Whole Stock Sell Out In Minutes

PS VR Preorder Stock

The new PlayStation VR will arrive in October. But Sony announced that there will be a “summer wave” of preorder PS VR devices available at GameStop. Today, the preorders were live at 7AM PT.

According to Sony, the supply was limited. And yes, PS VR preorder Stock sold out like hot cakes. Whole PS VR preorder stock sold out in minutes. This was the last time Sony opened preorders for the PS VR.

“If you miss out, we will have product available in retail stores nationwide at launch.”
– Sony.

All the PS VR preorder stock at GameStop sold within minutes after becoming available at 7AM PT. If you missed out the chance to pre-order the PS VR, unfortunately you’ll have to buy it at launch. Again, this is the last time the Sony opened preorders for PS VR.

The standalone PS VR headset costs $400 and the launch bundle costs $500. In the package, you’ll get two PlayStation Move controllers and a PlayStation VR Worlds disc. It will also come with five games: Into the Deep, The London Heist, Danger Ball, The Luge and Scavenger’s Odyssey. The PS VR will launch in October this year.


  • BelAirBoss

    Sony is golden right now…..

  • BillyHoWCR

    “PS VR preorder stock at GameStop” – unless you have a number associated with this article then it is pointless. Pretty sure Gamestop pre-orders are a limited amount… tell us how many we are talking about or it is just ‘hey we sold some pre-order units’ and nothing more..