Six Flags is among the first to have Superman VR on a roller coaster thanks to Samsung's Gear VR - GeeksULTD

Well there’s no doubt that VR is one of the biggest things in the gaming industry. Six flags was reportedly working on a new roller coaster that uses VR based on a Superman theme. The roller coast uses Samsung Gear VR headset and their own custom virtual reality. And its name? Its called Superman Ride of Steel!


According to Six Flags, the entire roller coaster is equipped with sensors. Now instead of having a VR and being limited to your room this might be the next big thing in VR. All we could do is imagine how great this idea was. Yes it was quite obvious someone would come up with this idea but still its impressive.

The roller coaster takes you through all the thrills by battling LEX Luthor and reaching the top of the skyscraper at 208 metres at 77mph.

Screenshot (290)

With the power of VR in smartphones its going to be an exciting future. Sure its not equipped with the best graphics but still enough to immerse you into the VR environment.