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Software Update On Nexbit Robin

Nexbit just announced about their new software update for their Cloud-focused smartphone Robin. Update contains latest Android security patches, some improvements in features and bug fixes. It will be available for Robin smartphone users gradually.


Following are improvements made by the Nexbit :

1. Security:

As a bonus by the company Android security patches has been updated to June 1.

2. Speaker Sound Quality:

There are some enhancements made in speakers to improve sound quality for the Robin smartphone. Minimum volume sounds like soft to ears and when user will increase its sound volume it will follow nice line progression.

3. Custom Ringtones:

Some custom ringtones are added in the software update by the company. Patricia by Lauren Loh Sung and Breeze by Giraffage are added in the custom ringtones so users don’t have to download them from the internet.

4. Camera:

Just a primary update in which user will be able to share camera pictures and video directly to the Line application.