Sony to start shipping Crystal Transparent DualShock 4 Controllers for the PS4 soon - GeeksULTD

Sony wants to take the name to be a nerd. Back in the early days, having a transparent game console such as the Gameboy Color and Console Controllers had huge hype. Today we don’t find transparent controllers much often. Though Sony is taking the approach to go back in time and bring back the nerdy transparent game controller. Now becuase Sony is manufacturing the controllers themselves you won;t need to buy cheap knock-offs.


Sony has had tons of color and theme options for their controllers for the PS4, but this one may be the one to melt PS4 gamers hearts. Personally as a PC gamer, I’d love to have one. With the Crystal Transparent controller you could see all the nerdy inners of the controller spicing up your game! So are you going to get Sony’s new controller? Let us know in the comments below!