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Sony To Unveil PlayStation 4 Neo This Year

Sony’s upgraded console, the PS4 Neo, is to be unveiled this year. People were expecting the console to be revealed at E3 2016, but Sony didn’t unveil the new console at E3. According to Eurogamer’s reports and other multiple sources, the PS4 Neo will be unveiled this year. The full-launch of the PS4 Neo this year is also a possibility. This will put Sony’s new console way ahead of the Microsoft’s new upcoming console, codenamed Project Scorpio.

Sony’s Andrew House confirmed the PS4 Neo before E3, but the console wasn’t discussed during E3 conference. If the reports are true, then the PS4 Neo is likely to be shown-off/released during Gamescom 2016 or Tokyo Game Show 2016.

Meanwhile, Microsoft plans to launch the Xbox Scorpio in 2017.