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Sony’s New High-End PlayStation 4 Officially Confirmed

Rumors were circling around the internet about a new high-end PlayStation. Well, it turns out that the rumors were true. A more powerful version of the PlayStation 4 is on the way, rumored to be code-named “Neo”. The company confirmed this today.

Sony’s CEO and President Andrew House, said to Financial Times that the “high-end” version of the PS4 is coming. And yes, it will cost more than the current $350 PS4. According to Andrew, the upcoming high-end PS4 will be to “sit alongside and complement” the standard PS4.

“We will be selling both [versions] through the life cycle”
– Andrew House.

According to the CEO of Sony, the new PlayStation will be for hardcore gaming. He also confirmed that the upcoming PlayStation will support 4K TVs meaning that you can game at 4K resolutions.  He also revealed that the new console is not coming at E3 conference this year. He did not reveal anything about the price or the release date, however there are rumors that the console will cost under $500.