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The Division’s Player Count Dropped By a Massive 93% Since Launch


Ubisoft’s The Division was launched with a huge marketing campaign and it was pretty successful. The company made about $330 Million in the first five days after the launch. It got positive reviews from all around the globe. However, The Division’s player count has dropped by a staggering 93% since its launch.

Graph by GitHyp

Only 7% of the players still play the game. This could mean that the game can die-out in the coming months. Since the game’s launch, the game had peak player number of about 2 million players but now, it only has 143,000 players – a massive drop of 93%.

The game is really on life support right now, with only 143,000 players remaining and 93% abandoning. Seems like The Division is in the dark zone itself. Now the question is, what will Ubisoft do to revive the game back to its original potential? Seems like time will tell, maybe we could see something at E3 2016 a couple of days later.

Source: GitHyp