"Who says Microsoft's game division is godson?" - Phil Spencer - GeeksULTD

“Who says Microsoft’s game division is godson?” – Phil Spencer

After Microsoft’s briefing at E3 2016 and after the revealing of the Xbox One S and the Xbox Scorpio, Microsoft did get positive and negative feedbacks. After E3, marketing research firm DFC Intelligence said in a report that Microsoft’s position in the game business is “nobody hurt godson” (ugly step-child). They even predicted that Microsoft will “abandon” the gaming industry in future.

So, in response to this, the Head of the Xbox Division at Microsoft, Phil Spencer, said that they do not have any plans to abandon or leave the gaming industry and Microsoft will not give up.

Phil Spencer also said that Microsoft recently announced two new consoles and to predict such things is quite strange. So yes, the rumors going on about Microsoft abandoning the gaming industry are completely bogus.