Xbox One to support keyboards and mice soon - GeeksULTD

Microsoft has been really pushing to unify the PC and Xbox Gaming platform. Just recently a Chinese website has confirmed that the new Xbox One S will support keyboards and mice. This is excelletn news for Xbox users as a lot of FPS gamers on consoles were waiting for this.

According to Phil Spencer, the usage of the Keyboard and mice is still in development and for the Xbox One S to support mice will take some time. This doesn’t mean that all games will support the keyboard and mice. So even after the launch of the new Xbox One S it will take some time for developers to fully support these peripherals. Though some FPS game developers have also pointed out that the usage of keyboard and mice may make the game unbalanced.

Microsoft is doing everything it can to unify the PC and Xbox One. If Xbox users get this addition, Sony will also have to step up. We cant forget the fact the Microsoft holds both markets, the PC Gaming through Windows and the Xbox.

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