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Xbox Scorpio Will Not Have Better Framerates on Xbox One Games, Microsoft Says

Well, Xbox Scorpio news are all over the Internet. Today, we got some new news on the Xbox Scorpio, which is going to be the most powerful console, according to Microsoft. However, we’re trying to figure out what the Scorpio will be capable of with its 6TFLOPS, but we just keep getting confused.

Some time ago, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer said that the Xbox Scorpio will run Xbox One games that use dynamic scaling better. But now, it seems like Microsoft is struggling to explain the Xbox Scorpio. They’re confusing everyone.

In an interview with Game Informer, Microsoft Studios GM Shannon Loftis talked about framerates. More specifically, Loftis talked about how the two consoles will run the games they share.

No, there wouldn’t be a frame rate difference, because typically the frame rate is determined by the game developer and what’s right for the gameplay mechanic.

Shannon Loftis further added:

You don’t necessarily want to create two different mechanics for two different configurations.

Game Informer asked Shannon that Xbox One titles on the Xbox Scorpio will run the same as before despite the Scorpio having superior hardware. He said:

Typically, yes. A good example is Killer Instinct, which is cross-play on PC and Xbox One. We have locked the frame rate to 60 frames per second. We could do better on super high end PCs, but that ruins the competitive nature of it.

It seems like Microsoft is only focusing on resolution, rather than graphics or framerates on the Xbox Scorpio. The Xbox One titles will run almost the same on the Xbox Scorpio despite it being a powerhouse. However, Microsoft can atleast push 4K resolution on already released Xbox One titles on the Xbox Scorpio.