AMD RX 470 and RX 460 Gaming Performance Revealed, nearly 2x the improvement over Last-Gen AMD GPUs - GeeksULTD

AMD’s RX 460 and RX 470 benchmarks have been revealed by AMD. The new GPUs presented by AMD promise to deliver better performance with low power consumption. AMD’s RX 470 and RX 460 are based on AMD’s latest Polaris 10 & 11 Architecture.

These GPUs are very well priced by AMD with the RX 460 being priced at $99 and the RX 470 priced at $149. It’s good at this point to take into consideration that the prices quoted by AMD are the least price of which these cards will cost. You could expect AIBs popping up ith their custom GPUs in August or September with a slightly higher price tag. This could bring Nvidia’s GTX 1050 some competition.


AMD’s Radeon RX 470: Full HD Gaming for $149

AMD’s RX 470 will start at a price tag of $149. The card will come in 4GB of VRAM only with 5TFLOPS of compute power. Since there is not much of a difference between the RX 480 and RX 470, we could call this a day off by calling it a cut-down version of the RX 480.

The card clearly aims at delivering great performance with all the settings cranked up to high with over 70+ FPS on pretty demanding titles. Sure its quite a bold statement to make but I necessarily don’t believe it word to word. Though, it seems this card is going to be a very promising card that will deliver High FPS at High settings.

AMD’s RX 460: The Low-Power E-Sports Champ MOBA 1080p/60FPS

The RX 460 wouldn’t be your AAA Gaming card. Though it’s undoubtedly an important entry for point for new PC Gamers and E-Sport Gamers for its super low price point and excellent power consumption. The card only requires under 75W whereas the green team’s classic GTX 750 Ti requires only 60W to run, but considering the ¬†performance boost over that, no one would mind that. According to AMD, the RX 460 finally has a performance boost that considerable, trumping the old 260x by almost 2x.

According to AMD’s presentation the card is capable of running Overwatch at 60FPS, League of Legends (LoL) at 95 FPS and lastly DOTA 2 at 85 FPS.

  • Hvd

    the r9 380x that i just got is still a good 1080p/60fps card and its only 8 months old.thats all these cards will do is 1080p/60.if you the r9 200 series gpu then i say upgrade.if you have a 380 or 390 i would wait a few more years after vega will come some cards worth upgrading to.

    im still looking for the 1440p/60fps single gpu for about $250.thats when ill up grade.