Battlefield 1 gets a Graphics Comparison, PC vs Xbox One vs PS4 - GeeksULTD

Battlefield 1 is among the most hyped up games right now. Last month EA showed actual Battlefield 1 gameplay to the world. Since then, Battlefield 1 has continuously been getting new updates and build with improvements before the actual launch in October, 2016.

CandyLand, who are pretty famous for doing graphics comparisons between the PC, Xbox and PS4 recently posted a new video on Youtube comparing the graphics on all three gaming platforms.

Battlefield 1 looked gorgeous without a doubt especially with all the natural scenery, vivid skies and dynamic weather effects. Thanks to Candyland, here’s the comparison between all three platforms with the PC reigning king, of course. But its interesting to see the Xbox One and PS4 graphics.

As we could observe from the comparisons done by Candyland, the Xbox One falls behind the Playstation 4 of course due to the extra horsepower found on the Playstation 4.

However, the game hasn’t been released yet and is set to release on October 21st, 2016 on the PC, Xbox and Playstation 4. Do sit back and relax meanwhile the game continues to improve before its final release