Bill Gates originally insulted the idea of an Xbox - GeeksULTD

Bill Gates, among the most well-known people around the world, has a big name is the computing industry especially due to Microsoft. No doubt Bill Gates has earned a lot of fame in his lifetime. Xbox’s Co-Creator Ed Fries recalled a meeting with Bill Gates that didn’t seem to have a good start with the founder of Microsoft at that time.

Ed Fries explains that when the idea of an “Xbox” was presented to Bill Gates, Bill Gates took it “as an insult to everything he’s done to the company”, harsh words. Thanks to Co-creator, James Allard, who explained and change Bill Gates mind. Co-creator, James Allard explained to Bill Gates how Playstation was gaining popularity  and convinced Bill Gates to realize that they could gain a serious slice of the cake. Otherwise, the Playstation will slowly develop into a PC.

Since then Bill allowed them to have limitless resources to create the first Xbox. So from now on, thank James Allard for changing Bill’s mind.