3 ways why Gaming isn't the way how it used to be - GeeksULTD

I am sure some people would agree on this but yeah, the way how we play games really differs that how we used to play it. So here are our 3 reasons why we think gaming isn’t the way how it used to be

01| The Friends

Image: GearNuke.com

Image: GearNuke.com

Don’t take me wrong, but Online Multiplayer is great. But if some of the folks remember how gaming was done 10-15 years ago, you might agree with me. Playing games in the old days was all about challenges your friends next to you and in person. Having challenges and having the excitement and joy of winning over your pal is just as intriguing as anything and will fire up that rage to play more and beat your friend. Nowadays gaming is mostly done online if you want to play with your friends and not everyone has a fancy stable internet connection. Even if you have a good connection, playing with your friends in person is the best experience in our opinion. Some games you could take an example are Tekken and FIFA.

02|Keep paying for the game you love


Image: www.Starecat.com

Well everyone knows how games work today. Back in the day, when you bought a game it was a full game, sometimes you’ll be blessed with some expansions and that’s it. But today, if you buy a game for the full price, you get the game, but then prepare to pay for DLCs and formalities. Sure we might be helping the devs but it makes the game more complex. part of this has to do with helping the devs and the rise of internet connections allowing you to get digital downloads instead of physical copies

03| The Fanboyism


Today the most popular consoles are from Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft. In the old days, there also used to be a console from SEGA, most notably from where I started gaming on with Sonic The Hedgehog. After SEGA left the console business I opted for Nintendo, the Nintendo NES, boy oh boy, did I spend hours and hours playing Mario on this! At the time going to a friend’s house and playing on another console didn’t matter. It was just about which game was on which platform. We just loved the games.

Nowadays gaming is all about which platform you’re on. Xbox users and Playstation users constantly bashing each another for their brands.

Well that was my top 3 ways why gaming has changed over the years. Sure there were major graphical improvements as well but that was pretty obvious.