The Guy Who Leaked No Man's Sky's Videos Responds to Sean Murray's Tweets

No Man’s Sky is an action adventure and survival video game developed and published by Hello Games. No Man’s Sky is a huge game, with over 18 quintillion planets. But well, Reddit user “daymeeuhn” got the game early and he posted some videos on Dailymotion too – but they were taken down.

The Guy Who Leaked No Man's Sky's Videos Responds to Sean Murray's Tweets

However, the man behind No Man’s Sky and Hello Games, Sean Murray, expressed his feelings through a tweet. Sean Murray didn’t seem happy about the latest leaked videos about No Man’s Sky. Well, that is expected. The developers worked hard on the game and someone spoiling all the things before the official release date is indeed not going to make them happy.

After reading the tweets and seeing the response of the developers, daymeeuhn exposed how he feels about the whole situation.

“That’s it from me video-wise. Hello Games and Sean don’t like it, it’s giving me a headache dealing with the fallout, I don’t want to be the guy that spoiled all this cool shit, and I’m just leaving it at that! But for now, I’m going to just play the game, keep to myself and enjoy it.” 

Daymeeuhn is feeling bad about the whole situation. It seems like he understands the hard work the developers did to make No Man’s Sky an enjoyable game and he did not intend to spoil everything.

“I’m only a couple hours in, barely touched a few planets and already I’ve had many F*** YEAH moments. In the one hand, I’d love to share those with you – but in the other hand, Sean is right… why not just wait and experience them first hand? I dunno.”

Daymeeuhn feels guilty about it. He did leak the videos in the first place but it seems like he knows that what he’s doing is not right. In an interview with Kotaku, daymeeuhn said:

“I expected Sean to tweet negatively about it because, let’s face it, it’s his job to… But I’ll admit, after watching so many of his interviews and knowing how cool of a guy he seems, it did make me feel a bit guilty. It wasn’t the sole reason for my decision, but it was certainly a factor.”

But still, daymeeuhn will post some first impressions about No Man’s Sky and he says that he will answer people’s questions too.

“I will do a text-only post with first impressions once I’m much further in, and yes I will Spoiler tag it and answer ANY questions people want to ask, but there will be no screenshots or videos. Text only from here on out, my friends. It’s a compromise respectful to the boundaries in place, and I’m just going to accept it.” 

So there you have it, guys. It seems like daymeeuhn is going to respect the developer’s emotions by not posting any more videos or pictures about No Man’s Sky. But he definitely seems to be enjoying the game. The game is coming pretty soon, so if you want to enjoy the game with all the surprises, we suggest that you wait for the official release.

No Man’s Sky is coming to the PlayStation 4 on August 9, 2016, in North America and on 10th August in Europe. On PC, it is gonna release worldwide on August 12, 2016.


  • NoME2WasNotAGoodGame

    Of course the guy with the early copy has no backbone. It’s game play, they don’t own it. Every flag they make is illegal. You should be pushing more and more for game play. Instead you give up. Somewhat sad. Was really hoping when they first came out we’d finally get someone who would stick it to Sony and their totalitarian outlook on YouTube videos.

    Dear game makers everywhere. Game play requires user input. That is why you cannot make a copyright claim. You do not own game play.

    • cineguru

      Um, yes they do own the gameplay because they designed it. And the input you’re talking about them needing comes from play testers, not the angry petulant internet mobs. Sean’s frustration is understood, as is gamer excitement, but we’re not entitled to the game until launch day. Cool your jets bro.

      • NoME2WasNotAGoodGame

        No. Moron. They can’t design gameplay. If it takes YOU as a player and your input. Nobody owns it. Period.

    • Jay

      You are so wrong

    • NinoBr0wn

      You know the game isn’t officially available yet, right? Sean Murray didn’t call the FBI and raid his house. He only made known his dissatisfaction for leaking early vids with what they tried so hard to keep a surprise for all this time. What the hell totalitarian outlook are you talking about? Nobody has a problem with gameplay videos *when a game is released.* No Man’s Sky is not yet available. You’re not claiming that they’ll have a problem with streams and videos after August 9th, are you? Because that would be daft af.

      • NoME2WasNotAGoodGame

        Legal physical copy of the game. They have zero right to try and get this guy to stop posting. The fact that they would ask tells me they have shit to hide. The “surprise” is that this game has no purpose. It’s just a sandbox where you do shit and have no end game. It’s overhyped. The devolpment hell it went through is also not a good sign.

        End of they day, Sony doesn’t own gameplay. This guy should have kept posting to show us just how broken it is. Show them that this stuff isn’t acceptable anymore.

        • NinoBr0wn

          So because YOU have already decided that there is nothing to do and there is no “purpose” in this game that you’ve never played, you want evryo else to accept this “fact,” and you want to expose Hello Games and Sony for their dastardly crimes. That sound about right? LOL of course they have legal right to ask not to spoil anything from an unreleased game. There was no demand made, not a single one. And it isn’t unheard of in the least, to request the same from countless other studios. They have outright have videos removed from the internet, but I’m sure you looked the other way on that. Give it a rest. Sean can’t hurt you anymore.

          • NoME2WasNotAGoodGame

            I didn’t decide anything. Basic game design is. It’s a sandbox simulator. Period. The game doesn’t have a goal. Nothing to strive for. Awful communications with fans (no coop or running into others). There’s simply nothing to besides explore mechanics that have no end goal to recreate the process where you do them again and enjoy them still. Basic game design. Learn something.

          • NinoBr0wn

            LOL Jesus man drop it

    • J.j. Barrington

      What the hell are you talking about?

      • NoME2WasNotAGoodGame

        This guy backing off on posting just because Sony is salty. That’s pathetic considering them wanting that is picture proof the game was not ready and is most likely overhyped.

        • J.j. Barrington

          Hello Games isn’t Sony. And I seem to have missed this guy saying what he’s run into was incomplete.

          Step your troll game up.

          • NoME2WasNotAGoodGame

            Hello Games has say. Sony went ahead and HG gave the non response. The game is incomplete simply because it lacks a goal. You’d know this if you knew something about game design. “Find the center of the galaxy”. Boy. How specific.

          • J.j. Barrington

            Since when does a game need an endgame to be complete? There’s nothing in the “game design handbook” that says such a goal is even necessary. It’s an especially odd criticism in the wake of the success of games like Minecraft, where there’s a similar lack. Seems like you’re the one with no clue about game design.

            … by the way, “Find the center of the universe,” not galaxy, IS a goal, and a rather specific one, since there’s only one center.

            You seriously don’t have any idea what you’re talking about, do you?

  • I still don’t really “get” this game. I’ve got $$$ to buy it, but was thinking of pre-ordering Rise of the Tomb Raider, lol. Wtf is this game all about? Flying to procedural generated planets and mining shit? Like, what is gonna draw me in?? In Destiny, the loot and great gameplay got me addicted. I got hooked to WoW many, many years back because… well, it’s WoW, lol. So, what’s so good about No Man’s Sky??? I’m 35 now… hard to keep my interest in games like back in the day.

    • NinoBr0wn

      Don’t consider this an attack or nothin like that, but if you don’t “get” No Man’s Sky at this point, you probably just won’t get it. This game has been covered 10 times over since it’s reveal. It’s funny to me how survival games are very popular at the moment, but people (not you) are criticizing the hell out of this game, when they share a lot of similar mechanics.

      • LOL. Actually, only AFTER watching one of the leaked videos via, I’ve pre-ordered it on the PSN. It actually looks awesome. These “leaked” gameplay videos are exactly what I needed to see in order to make a decision on it. It’s very Destinyesque, but without being a true FPS… it’s seems cool & seems to really be it’s own thing. And I totally get it, but only after watching a true gameplay video and not a trailer by Hello Games/Sony.

    • IamTylerDurden1

      U are going to buy a $60, year old re-release instead of NMS? To each their own.

      The appeal of NMS is exploration, survival, upgrading your gear so u can delve deeper into the center of the universe to uncover its mysteries. Being the first to name a new species, finding rare items and crafting unique gear. Becoming a space outlaw or a space hero, the choice is yours.

      • I purposefully stayed away from all news stories/story details about the XB1 release of “Rise of the TR” so it wouldn’t get spoiled for whenever I eventually got the PS4 version. And yeah, I totally weigh “NMS” against “Rise of the TR” because I like games with great storytelling (*cough* Uncharted anyone?) and a 3rd person POV. I’ve already pre-ordered both, so it really doesn’t matter now.

        • J.j. Barrington

          But why weigh them against each other when they’re nothing alike?

          • Because I’m cheap and don’t wanna spend $$ on a game unless I’m really gonna play it. I’ve almost filled up my 2TB HDD on my PS4 and like 95% of the games are ones that I played once, played for just a few hours or maybe a few days and then stopped and never played again and that was it. I stopped buying games like this a few months ago simply bec it’s retarded of me to spend all this $$$ on games when I barely play them. I guess my eyes are bigger than my stomach. It doesn’t really matter anymore though- my game sharing buddy pre-ordered NMS and Abzu yesterday or day b4 or something like that and I did the same for us with Rise of the TR. I’m sure I’ll like em both.

      • Jack Sawyer

        Bump. Has any of this happened?

  • IamTylerDurden1

    Can’t wait for August 9th. I won’t watch the videos, but it’s nice to know that the game is filled with secrets and lore.

    • Afrasiyab Khan


  • HAppY_KrAToS

    The game won’t be leaked 10 days before release ? Maybe.
    But Sean Murrey must be aware that many people will get the game 7, 6, 5 days before release. It happens all the time. And You can count on some good Xbox fanboys to spoil and share the crap out of the game, as a way to destroy another Sony exclusive title.

    It’s just a pity that an exclusive title like this, that has been in development for many years, gets leaked and spoiled, when it surely is a great game,
    Crap games from ubisoft or Ea, full of micro transactions, and their 1-hour-before-release embargos, where millions gamers get fooled, with shady pre-orders and 120-150$ season passes, well, those games, nobody leak them and spoil them ! And when the first 6/10 reviews/scores start showing up, too late, gamers already lost their 60-150 $/€.

    • It’s not a Sony exclusive title.

    • Thomas Shea

      Realistically all he would have to do is put out a mandatory update that bricks copies of the game (removes files, not modifies) until a subsequent patch on release day re-enables the game. It’s not hard to do. A few people will catch it but they won;t be able to be online while they do.

  • Hvd

    dont want anything leaked DONT give nothing out.its that simple.

  • wombat

    The leak actually made people excited for this game that the official PR made look like it was boring as hell. Trying to hide it is kinda crazy.

    • Just kinda makes you think that it was all planned..

      • Thomas Shea

        so… running misprint…. he was PAID $1200 to make and release the videos?

      • Mark Jones

        Please that guy is an attention seeking whore, he knew exactly what he was doing and a few weeks after the game has been out, no one will know his name. He spent over a thousand $ for 15 minutes of “fame”

    • J.j. Barrington


  • suli559

    Thanks for the Bday gift!

  • omarcominyo

    If he cared about spoiling anything he wouldn’t have uploaded videos in the 1st place!!

    • Brad Marcus Kirchhoff

      U sound like an entitled little child. U do NOT have to get on YouTube or Reddit and watch the videos if u do not want to. It’s 100% optional so anybody that gets spoiled has done it to themselves. U could simply not click on the videos. Common sense.

      • J.j. Barrington

        I agree, but it’s also true that you won’t even have the temptation= or mistake- of such a thing happening if there’s no video uploaded to begin with.

        • Thomas Shea

          that’s a flawed argument. you probably have a car… you could run over dozens of people. you don’t even though the ability is right there in front of you. What we choose to do is on us. He’s not responsible for spoiling anything to anyone who didn’t want the spoilers. If you watched it and are pissed at him then you need to get off the internet.

          • J.j. Barrington

            That’s a flawed argument, too.

            For it to be more comparable, I’d need to WANT to run people over, and at some time in the near future have the ability to do just that.

            That would be more in line with what’s going on here.

            Besides, even if they don’t actively watch the video, there’s nothing stopping someone else from spoiling the game. For example, the ending of the new star wars movie was spoiled for me on a gaming forum about an unrelated game.

          • omarcominyo

            He hasn’t uploaded the video for HIS enjoyment has he? He’s uploaded it to get views and to turn around and say “But but I never meant to spoil anything for anyone” is ludicrous at best!!

          • mitharus

            > He’s not responsible for spoiling anything to anyone who
            > didn’t want the spoilers.

            Actually, yes it *is* his responsibility. In his own words:

            “My best gaming experiences have been when I’ve received games before street date, knowing I was truly on my own in the universe of that game, and no matter how tempted I might be to ask a friend for help or check a website for a tip or cheat, I CAN’T because it doesn’t exist.”

            So, he doesn’t like it when there’s information out there (i.e. spoilers). But he has no issue with *providing* those same spoilers. The information is showing up in forum posts, etc… even in posts marked “Spoiler Free” by people just wanting to piss other off.

            The guy is a hypocrite. As long as he doesn’t have his spoilers he’s happy, but his own actions that cause spoilers for others doesn’t matter right? He’s not responsible for that.


          • omarcominyo

            Well said! I’ve already read a ‘NO MAN’S SKY IS 30 TO 35 HOURS, SAYS EARLY PLAYER’ headline without even clicking onto the story! He knew damn well it’d get this kind of coverage!!

        • Brad Marcus Kirchhoff

          Temptation is everywhere. Look outside and u can see 100 temptations on every street.

          • J.j. Barrington

            What’s your point? That it’s okay for people to generate temptations?

      • omarcominyo

        Really? And name calling is such an adult thing to do isn’t it? PFFT!!

      • ProcHoliday

        Using “U” in place of “you” and calling other people children. Stop it.

  • ambleThought

    daymeeuhn, his honour restored

  • Thomas Shea

    I’ll poop fire and brimstone if he posts a video of the center of the galaxy on release day.

  • Jack Sawyer

    What do you think now that you realize the Murray is full of shit and this game isn’t even a game? It’s a fucked up lie / screen saver where you do nothing until you get to the center of the galaxy and watch Sean run off laughing with your money on his way to buy a yacht.