HTC Nexus Sailfish ROM gets dumped, build.prop file suggests important specs - GeeksULTD

Just a few hours ago, famous leaker, Evan Blass has a question on his Twitter Account where he asked about what someone who do if they had the ROM of the Nexus Sailfish, what would they look for? Apparently, Evan Blass then went to do some research and stumbled upon the build.prop file which contains the core functions of every Android smartphone revealing some details about the next Nexus.

While getting hold of the build.prop file, the specs suggested the next Nexus will use a 1080p screen with a PPI of 420 on a 5.2-5.3-inch screen. Some more information picked up from the build.prop file was the chipset being used. According to the screenshot by Evan Blass, it suggested that the Sailfish will be sporting an MSM8996 suggesting a Snapdragon 820/821.

Seems like a pretty good phone. Sure it’s a 1080p screen but I wouldn’t really mind that since 1080p still looks fine. As of the CPU, we could see Snapdragon 820 in there. Though, it’ll be interesting to see how these phones are priced and how the rest of the specs dictate the phone.