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Call of Duty Infinite Warfare
New details about Call of Duty Infinite Warfare are revealed by Inifnity Ward. With Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Infinity Ward is taking the series to all-out science fiction action. With its advanced weapons and technology, the developers seem to be enjoying the setting of the game.

Advanced & Unique weapons:

Today, Game/Art director at Infinity Ward, Brian Horton, discussed Call of Duty Infinite Warfare’s new features. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is going to feature advanced energy-based weapons that are “unique to the whole CoD franchise”, according to Horton.

2-type of weapons:

Horton also explained that Call of Duty Infinite Warfare will have 2 type of weapons: Ballistic weapons and energy weapons. Both type of weapons will have their own unique uses in the battle. These weapons will be unique to the franchise, according to Horton.

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New Advanced Weapon Sights:

CoD Infinite Warfare will also feature new type of weapon sights. These new advanced weapon sights will allow the player to do a variety of new things such as controlling where the pallets will hit while using a shotgun. These advanced sights will be available with both energy weapons and ballistic weapons.

“One of the things we’re really excited about are some of our advanced sights which allow the player to do things, like, with a shotgun they’ll be able to manipulate where their pellets are going to go. The pellets will have maximum effect on the enemy.”
– Brian Horton said in an interview.

It seems like Infinity Ward is trying their best to bring us an immersive shooter game. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare is apparently going to feature the biggest weapon arsenal in the whole Call of Duty series. Call of Duty Infinite Warfare will come on PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 4, 2016.