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New PlayStation “The Drop” games are announced today. Here are the new PlayStation “The Drop” games list for 19/7/2016:

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New PlayStation “The Drop” Games List for 19/7/2016

Here’s a full list of “The Drop” games out this week:

1. Second Ninja X (PS4/PS Vita)
2. Cast of the Seven Godsends — Redux (PS4)
3. I Am Setsuna (PS4)
4. Knot (PS4)
5. Lifeless Planet Premier Edition (PS4)
6. Neverwinter (PS4)
7. Moon Hunters (PS4)
8. Obliteracers (PS4)
9. Ninja Pizza Girl (PS4)
10. Orc Slayer (PS4)
11. Sword Coast Legends (PS4)
12. Spy Chameleon (PS4/PS Vita)

Via: PlayStation Blog