No Man's Sky Not Arriving on 9th Aug for the PC, delayed a bit ahead - GeeksULTD

Seems like the devs need some more time perfecting the game before their launch on the PC.No Man’s Sky’s official website has just updated their page confirming the slight delay on the PC.

Originally, the game was supposed to release on the 9th of August this year. However, the game has been pushed ahead to the 12th of August 2016. Doesn’t seem like a problem at the moment if the game is delayed for just a few days since some PC ports aren’t the most pleasant experiences. Let’s just hope its a good PC port. And yeah don’t forget that the 12th of August is just around the corner.

Is seems like the game will now release on three dates with the initial release on the 9th of August 2016 in North America, a day later in Europe and on the 12th for the PC gamers. The game has been shaping up to bring some excitement to the gaming world.

  • Mike G

    The first thing – a 3 day delay doesn’t give any time to “perfect the game.” A 3 day delay is either due to shipping issues, or is more likely becasue Sony want the sales from the 3 day launch window all to themselves. This delay has nothng to do with development, if that were the case the delay would be weeks or months long, and would also affect the PS4 version and not just the PC version.

    Secondly, No Man’s Sky on PC isn’t a port of the PS4 version. The PC version has always been developed alongside the PS4 version; and furthermore there is nothing to say that No Man’s Sky on PC would be an “unpleasant experience”. If anything it is likely to have a higher frame rate, further draw distances, and higher resolution textures, not to mention the possibility for Mods etc. It is more likely that it is the PS4 version that would be the weaker version of the two.

    • ImOnaDrugCalledSheen

      Settle down elitist, they’re just saying there’s a possibility the PC version could end up bad and they’re taking the extra time to make sure its not. We all know PC is better then PS4 so give it a rest PC fanboy. And if Sony wanted sales I think they’d want far more then a three day window. Now go hug your PC everything will be alright.

      • Mike G

        You obviously have no reading comprehension, so I’m going to slow this down so you can understand it.

        3 days. Is not enough time. To fix. The PC Version. If. IF. it is bad.
        IF. There is. A problem. With the. PC version. And it can be fixed. In only. 3 days?! Hello Games. Would simply. Release… a patch! For the game. They would Not. Have to. Delay. The WHOLE game. Comprende!?

        The article is making bogus claims, and it is bad journalism to make bogus and unfounded claims. For exmaple, where is the evidence the PC version will/may have issues? Where is the source for this information? Where is the evidence that the PC version is a port of the PS4 version? Where is the evidence, and what is the source for the information so the readers can go and check it out?

        Has anyone ever said anywhere that the PC version is a port of the PS4 version? Or that the PS4 version is a port of the PC version? Has Sean Murray ever said anything like that. Ever? No he hasn’t. That was completely made up and untrue. If the author make statements like that he has to be ready and able to back them up. At least with logic – if he can’t use facts.

        Here’s a fact. Sony are publishing and distributing the Blu-Ray version (that’s the PS4 disc version by the way) of No Man’s Sky. But Hello Games are responsible for the publishing and distibution of the game on PC.

        Another fact for you. Pre-Order sales for No Man’s Sky have exceeded expectations, so naturally there will also be more hard copies (that’s actual PC Disc copies) of the game that need to be manufactured and distributed. Here’s a logical fact – Hello Games don’t have anywhere near the same logistic expertise that Sony have for game manufacture and distribution.

        Logical conclusion – Hello Games probably need a couple more days to lock down their manufacture, shipping and distribution logistics for the WORLDWIDE PC release.

        Is this all making sense? Becasue I don’t know if you’re still with me?

        Maybe the author should use those kinds of facts to inform the articles he writes, in order to reach a more knowledgeable understanding and avoid spurious conclusion.

        TL:DR I’m not a PC elitist… I’m just an everyday elitist .