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Head of Xbox division at Microsoft, Phil Spencer, has said that he doesn’t want to turn PC gamers into console gamers and console gamers into PC gamers. In an interview with The Guardian, Phil Spencer expressed his views about the state of PC gamers and console gamers.

Phil Spencer

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer Don’t Want To Turn PC Gamers into Console Gamers and vice versa:

With Xbox Play Anywhere, people thought that Microsoft is trying to merge PC and console gaming, but this is not the case.

Phil Spencer said:

“It’s not that I’m trying to turn PC gamers into console gamers or console gamers into PC gamers. We just know, and I’m sure you’re tracking it, the health of PC gaming is incredibly high right now, and we know some of our best and most active customers on Xbox One are also PC gamers. So, we see this opportunity to service the customer and where they actually play, and they want to stay connected to their friends wherever they are.”

According to Spencer’s statements, Microsoft is trying to give us the best of both platforms. Thanks to Xbox Play Anywhere program, we don’t need to buy the same game on both PC and Xbox One. The game libraries of PC and the Xbox One are shared. Also, it looks like all upcoming Xbox games might not come on PC after all (read more here). So yes, after sneakily editing the Xbox Play Anywhere description and these statements from Spencer, Microsoft is keeping their options open here.