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PlayStation Controller Stolen by a Fox


We have seen people doing stupidest things with their PlayStation controllers but this, this is done by a fox. A couple living in Grove Park saw their son’s PlayStation controller lying around in the garden. A month ago, the couple returned from somewhere and saw stuff lying around at the back door of the house. Investigating further, they found a PlayStation controller lying around in the garden.

The security cameras in the house were malfunctioned, so they had them repaired some weeks later. After the repairs, they saw a bizarre CCTV footage of a fox walking around in their house like a thug.

“Oh my god, a fox in the house!”
– The couple said when they discovered the footage.

The homeowner saw the fox wandering in the house’s hallway in the CCTV footage.

“On another camera you can see him coming out of the back window, putting the controller out on the grass. You can see him walking around the house like he owns the place.”
– The owner said.

The homeowner further said that this footage should raise awareness about these “ever-confident” urban foxes. He further said that they’ve seen foxes near the garden before but never saw it inside the house.

“It’s really strange.”

Wandering around in the ground floor of the house, the fox picked the controller in its mouth and got out into the garden through the back window. After that, the fox dumped it in the garden.

Here’s the CCTV footage showing the fox in action:

Source: NewsShopper.