Resident Evil 5 is having major issues on Xbox One and Playstation 4 - GeeksULTD

Resident Evil has been having tons of issues on the Xbox One and PS4. Some of these problems include glitches and massive frame drops while accessing certain game modes. Reddit User MightyLoardedBear has reported the issue to Resident Evil on Twitter by DM. Here’s they’re reply


As we could see, as usual, Resident Evil has promised to resolve the issues occuring in the game and are working on it. However, this doesn’t seem like an issue to most players. However, most players are experiencing some sort of minor glitches here are there around the game such as the second player’s inventory which the player couldn’t access and some more in various areas of the game

Some more major and frustrating issues include the loss of the primary weapon and leaving the player defenseless. The Devs have taken note and are working to fix these issues ASAP. Resident Evil 7 is coming soon on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Lets hope that all these problems get fixed ASAP

Source: Reddit