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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Release Date Confirmed – Leaked Pics & Rumored Specs

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was under the shadow of rumors for months and now they are going to end. Samsung has officially confirmed the release date of their new sixth generation phablet, the Galaxy Note 7. Some new features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 also got confirmed, such as the advanced Iris Scanner. More specs of the Galaxy Note 7 got leaked.

Samsung’s rival, Apple is on the verge of launching their new iPhone 7 at the end of this year. Samsung is giving their all to stay in the top spot. They have confirmed that they are going to release the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on August 2, 2016. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Rumored Specs – Iris Scanner Confirmed

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is going to come with a whopping 6GB RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset,12MP high-end rear camera and QHD Super AMOLED display. The eye-catching features include the S-Pen and the Iris Scanner. Well, some rumors say that the Note 7 has the ability to carry 500GB+ data with a microSD card. In the past, old Android phones did not support installed applications on the microSD card. Google Apps were installed in the phone’s internal memory so that application works without any lag but now the technology got better and faster. With up to 256GB internal memory and 500+GB of expandable memory, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 can become a worthy competitor with current flagship tablets and smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7
Leaked Live Image of Galaxy note 7 Shows-off the Iris Scanner

The Galaxy Note 7 will be available in two variants. One with high-end specs and curved screen called the Note 7 Edge and the other one is with less powerful specs and flat display, called Galaxy Note 7. The company has skipped the base 32GB internal memory to 64GB for the Note 7. The Note 7 Edge will probably have a 128GB base internal memory which may be higher according to some rumors. The phone will also be waterproof in up to 1.5m depths for up to 30 minutes. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and Note 7 Edge will launch on August 2 which is coming very soon.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The upcoming Note 7 will be available in three colors:

  • Black Onyx.
  • Silver Titanium.
  • Blue Coral.






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