Nvidia: SLI support for Enthusiast GPUs, confirms no SLI for GTX 1060 - GeeksULTD

Last week, rumors about the GTX 1060 were floating around the internet Following up with the rumors, many critics noticed the absence of the SLI connector. However, till then, it was unconfirmed if the rumors or even the images were legitimate.

Yesterday, Nvidia officially revealed the GTX 1060 to tackle the RX 480 from AMD. Until now images of the new GTX 1060 were shockingly legit. The images of the GTX 1060 confirmed the absence of the SLI connector. Many people were officially waiting for an official word from Nvidia. Turns out, the rumors were true.

Nvidia’s Bryan Del Rizzo, Senior PR Manager at Nvidia confirmed the absence of the SLI connector by stating:

“GTX 1060 delivers tremendous performance and power efficiency in its class.

However, SLI was created to build the world’s fastest gaming platforms, bar none – and squarely focused on enthusiast and hardcore gamers.

In fact, very few gamers build SLI machines out of mainstream GPUs.

With SLI we focused our efforts on creating the biggest and the best gaming PCs possible, using our high end enthusiast-class GPUs with our new high-bandwidth bridges.”

Its really a shame to hear Nvidia ditching the SLI connector on their GTX 1060. People who had GTX 960s had the thought of upgrading their GPUs to a second GTX 960. Well Nvidia is quite true at this fact as well. Its a fact that most PC Gamers don’t build their machines with SLI in mind. But still it quite a shame of Nvidia to pull the plug on the SLI connector as that was also a viable option for many gamers.

Most users planning to get their GTX 1060 might have been considering to get a second GTX 1060 to get GTX 1080 performance. And especially ditching the SLI connectors at this time opens another reason for why gamers should choose AMDs RX 480 even though the GXT 1060 will cost a bit higher.