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Sony’s Playstation E3 Conference at E3 2016 didn’t go unnoticed. Undoubtedly, Sony had tons of exciting content and games to show off for the Playstation 4 this year. Sony’s main star of the show was their mainstream Playstation 4. Some critics noted if Sony just threw the PS Vita through the window as Sony didn’t reveal anything about the PS Vita. This remained a question mark to some critics.

President Atsushi Morita came to answer these critics and made the concerns answered in pretty straightforward terms. He explained of how the Playstation 4 inluences the US and European Markets, meanwhile the PS Vita is quite relevant to Japan with several PS Vita titles landing last year for the Vita. This is mostly true since we see a flood of PS Vita titles in Japanese meanwhile a who lot of AAA titles for the Playstation 4. This makes it pretty clear why Sony didn’t unveil anything about the PSVita at the event. If it didn’t click you yet, its becuase E3 is held in USA where the mainstream users are PS4 gamers.

President Atsushi Morita further explained how Playstation 4 is their main focus with most player outside of Japan preferring Sony’s Playstation 4 instead of their handheld PS Vita. He added on how Playstation Sales are increasing and is having a good trend of improvements. He also mentions of how many Playstation 3 players were gradually shifting towards the Playstation 4.

He finally made it clear that the PS Vita wasn’t targeted for adults, instead the PS Vita is more mainstream for teenagers who want an enjoyable portable gaming console on the go. He also promised to continue working on a youth and work evenly on their entire user base.

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Source in Japanese: 4Gamers