The Z Gaming Mouse: Company claims most advanced gaming mouse? - GeeksULTD

There’s no doubt that we have been flooded with tons of gaming mice. All of them basically complete the same task with the exception of configurations. Swiftpoint, is the company who is manufacturing “The Z” gaming mouse. They claim that the mouse is the most advanced gaming mouse ever.
The Z: The most advanced gaming mouse ever made.
They explain how mice have been the same since it was invented 50 years ago. The mouse has very advanced features built into it which they claim could definitely benefit gamers, designers or even the average joe. The mouse seems to have an accelerometer and a gyroscope built into it.


They have shown some excellent uses of these features while in-game. The mouse has 50 buttons to keep you going. Their Kickstarter has raied over $160,000 of $140,000 goal.