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Apple iPhone 7 Geekbench Score Leaked – It’s Faster Than You Think

We are seeing many rumors about the upcoming iPhone 7 after the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. According to many leaks and rumors, the Apple iPhone 7 will be available in two variants: iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The iPhone 7 is coming probably in next month. The iPhone 7 Plus will have bigger 5.5-inch screen while the base iPhone 7 will have a 4.7-inch screen. The iPhone 7 Plus will have better specs than the base iPhone 7.  This means that the iPhone 7 Plus will be the high-end model. Today, Apple iPhone 7 Geekbench scores emerged online.

Apple iPhone 7 Geekbench Score

Apple iPhone 7 Geekbench Score Leaked - It's Faster Than You Think
Apple iPhone 7 Geekbench Scores – Leaked

According to the leaked Apple iPhone 7 Geekbench picture, the upcoming smartphone scores a whopping 6430 multi-core score, which is about 15% faster than the 12.9-inch behemoth iPad Pro. As seen in the picture, the phone is running on Apple’s latest iOS 10, which is still in beta stages by the way. Also, the Apple iPhone 7 features a dual-core processor clocked at 2.37GHz (according to the leaked Geekbench). This is still a rumor, though, so you should take it with a pinch of salt. It could very well be fake.

Apple iPhone 7 Geekbench Score Leaked - It's Faster Than You Think
The big 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro [Photo from Digital Trends]

Apple iPhone 7 vs 12.9-inch iPad Pro Specs Comparison

Anyways, if we compare the specifications of the 12.9″ iPad Pro and the specifications (according to latest rumors) of the iPhone 7 Plus, the iPad Pro definitely have a bigger display than both models of the iPhone 7. Also, the iPhone 7 Plus will probably have a 1080×1920 (1080p) display while the iPad Pro has a 2048×2732 display resolution. However, the iPhone 7 Plus, according to latest rumors, has a 401 PPi display which is more than the iPad Pro which has a 264 PPi display.

The iPad Pro is powered by a 2.9GhZ  dual-core processor based on the Apple A9X chipset. The iPhone 7 Plus, according to the leaked Geekbench picture and many other rumors, will have a 2.37GHz dual-core processor based on Apple’s new A10 chipset. Moreover, the iPad Pro has 4 Gigabytes of RAM while the iPhone 7 Plus reportedly has 3 Gigabytes of RAM.

The iPhone 7 Plus will run on the final version of the iOS 10. The iPad Pro will also be upgradable to the final version of the iOS 10 when it releases. In 2015, Apple’s executive Philip W. Schiller stated that the iPad Pro is 80% faster than portable PCs shipped in 2014. Still, it is difficult to say whether the iPhone 7 is really faster than the 12.9″ iPad Pro or not. Only time will tell.

Source: MacRumors

Update: These scores turned out to be fake. The founder of Primate Labs (the company behind Geekbench) said that these results are fake. 




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