Here's the New PlayStation 4 Slim Getting Unboxed - GeeksULTD

Yesterday, a person managed to get their hands on the new PlayStation 4 Slim console. Digital Foundry’s Richard went to have a look at the new console himself and confirmed the existence of the new PlayStation 4 Slim console. While EuroGamer did make a video about it, it was pulled off of Youtube pretty quickly. However, recently, there is another unboxing of the console that is lurking on DailyMotion right now which shows off the unboxing experience of the new console.

PS4 Slim Unboxing oleh alma2006

According to the video uploader, he himself does not own the console, but has been borrowed the console from the original owner.

This time around the PlayStation 4 ditches it’s old glossy and sharp look for a much curved and design. Although, nothing much has changed. Rumors are also suggesting that this new console isn’t out to compete with Microsoft’s Xbox One S, which was announced earlier this month. The new PlayStation 4 box has no mention of “UHD”, “4k” or any other sort of information confirming the bumped up features. However, if this is true, rumors are also suggesting that this console will be the foundation of bringing in more players into the PlayStation user base.