No Man's Sky's Download File on PC is Unbelievable - GeeksULTD

No doubt, No Man’s Sky is a huge game that received huge success in the three days of its launch on the Playstation 4.

No Man’s Sky designer, Mr. Sean Murray just unveiled when the game will be launched on the PC with respective timings according to different time zones.

Additionally he also added a fun fact. He revealed that there will be no pre-loading of the game and the game will weigh a mere 2.6GB. Well this was quite expected since the game doesn’t rely on the traditional 3D Polygons with the addition of the game being procedurally generated as Digital Foundry explains here.

It’s going to be quite nice to see what options the PC players will be able to tweak. Let’s see how well the PC version works. Stay Tuned to GeeksULTD for more

No Man’s Sky has already been released on the PC and Playstation 4 and is available digitally and physically on the PS4.