Nvidia Shows Off Exclusive Tekken 7 Gameplay in 4k - GeeksULTD

A few months ago, Nvidia announced it’s launch of it’s Youtube Gaming Channel featuring content for Nvidia users. Recently. Nvidia showed off exclusive gameplay of Tekken 7 in 4k on their Youtube Channel.

Why Exclusive, you ask?

Well actually, Nvidia says that the game developers haven’t confirmed yet if Tekken 7 will support 4k resolution on the PC. However, the developers are working hard on the PC version of Tekken 7.

In the footage, Nvidia is using a GTX 1080 to run the game at 4k. This arises the question of how well the game will adapt to PC users when it releases. Although, it seems that the PC version should be able to run pretty well on decent hardware considering the GTX 1080 achieving 60FPS at 4k.