Titanfall 2 is the sequel of Titanfall. The game is currently under development by Respawn Entertainment. The game is going to be published by EA (Electronic Arts). Titanfall 2 was showcased at this year’s E3 conference and for the first time, Titanfall 2 is going to feature a single-player mode too. On top of that, Titanfall 2 will also have 6 new Titans and other major gameplay improvements. The single-player mode in Titanfall 2 seems to be quite immersive. According to EA at E3 2016, the game’s campaign mode is going to describe the bond between the pilot and the titan. Also, taking a look at the game’s trailer that was shown at E3 2016, it seems like the game is full of action and engaging visuals & gameplay. All these goodies are going to look great in 60FPS.

Titanfall 2 Aimed to Run at 60FPS on Consoles, Respawn Says – No Resolution Numbers Yet

Titanfall 2 Aimed to Run at 60FPS on Consoles, Respawn Says - No Resolution Numbers Yet

But to power all the beautiful visuals at 60FPS, powerful hardware is needed. A decent gaming PC can probably run Titanfall 2 at 60FPS, but what about the consoles? The original Titanfall ran at a measly 792p at 57FPS but with FPS drops. But it seems like Titanfall 2 is going to be a different story.

Speaking with DualShockers, Titanfall 2’s Art Director,  Joel Emslie, said that Titanfall 2 is aimed to run at 60FPS on consoles. Crossing the 60FPS milestone is a “huge goal” in the minds of the developers of Titanfall 2 and they’re trying their best to accomplish it. Emslie also revealed that this goal is set for both single-player and multi-player modes in the game.

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However, one thing to note here is that the resolution number wasn’t revealed. According to Emslie, the developers are still adding “finishing touches” to the game and a specific resolution is not set yet.

Titanfall 2 will arrive on October 28, 2016, on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Titanfall 2 is not coming on last-generation consoles i.e. Xbox 360 and PS3.

Source: DualShockers