Apple Launches The Apple Watch 2, Starts At $369 - GeeksULTD

The Apple Watch has enjoyed tremendous success. It became the second best-selling watch. Well, now, Apple has launched its successor, called the Apple Watch 2.

The new Apple Watch is Water-Resistant up to 50 metres. Apple has thoroughly tested the new Apple Watch of how well the watch lasts in water to confirm the durability of the Apple Watch. The Watch 2 is also equipped with an AI that automatically adapts to your fitness activities.


It comes with a 2nd Gen SIP with a Dual-Core CPU which is 50% Faster and a GPU that performs 2x better. It also comes with a 2nd-Gen Display with the brightest display on any Apple Watch at 1000nits which is amazing for outdoor situations.


The Apple Watch 2 also comes with a built-in GPS. The Apple Watch will report your speed and data onto your phone or even on the watch itself for you to devour your fitness run.


Apple has also partnered with Nike to for the Apple Watch Nike+ which features a gorgeous neon-green and black finish. It has stretchable bands and a sporty look.

Both Apple Watch 2 and Apple Watch 2 Nike+ will be priced at $369 and they can be pre-ordered on September 9. The Apple Watch 2 Nike+ will be available in October this year.