As you may know, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 didn’t go very well. Due to a defective battery, many Galaxy Note 7 phones exploded and caused damage. Because of this, Samsung lost $26 Billion of market value. Just to see how bad the Note 7 explodes, in collaboration with our partner XEETECHCARE, we tested a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in different conditions to get it to explode.

We tried playing Asphalt 8 on the Note 7 while it was charging, we tried using third-party chargers and we did try charging it continuously for hours but it didn’t explode. After that, we checked the if our Note 7 is defective but that didn’t help. As our Note 7 is the dual-SIM version, by entering one IMEI, it says that our Note 7 is defective but if we enter the second IMEI number, it says that its safe.

This is What Happens if You Put a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in a Microwave Oven

So yeah, we both got tired of this and just bought a microwave oven to finally get the Note 7 to explode. Here, take a look at the video, by our partner XEETECHCARE:

As you can see in the video, surprisingly, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 didn’t explode after all. The phone did get really hot and it was not charging properly after the microwave test but we can conclude that not all Note 7 devices are affected. For more, stay tuned to GeeksULTD and also check out XEETECHCARE.

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