Gran Turismo has been among the best exclusives available on PlayStation consoles. At TGS 2016, Sony is taking full advantage of their upcoming games allowing more and more gamers to try out their upcoming game. Next year’s Project Scorpio is due to release. While Sony has the time, Sony really has the time to appeal more gamers into their in-house PSVR, exclusives and PlayStation 4 Pro, most probably due to the aggressive pricing.

Taking Sony’s exclusive racer into account, Gran Turismo Sport, the game surely needs more attention from fans. Courtesy of DualShockers, here’s some gameplay of Gran Turismo Sport that their team was able to take during TGS 2016 showcasing two races with the Mazda Roadster S and a bit of how the game’s menu’s and racing style works out.

Gran Turismo is a PlayStation 4 exclusive and will support the PlayStation 4 Pro as well. It will release some time in 2017, although a fixed date is yet to be confirmed

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