The iPhone 7 is possibly the most hyped phone of this year. Before its launch in earlier this month, there were many reports about new color options in the iPhone & iPhone 7 Plus. Some rumors hinted at matte blue color, while some suggested matte black. But after all, the phones arrived with two new colors: Jet Black & Matte Black. Apple also ditched the Space Grey color for these. The Jet Black and Matte Black colors are quite similar and personally, I would’ve liked a blue color option instead of the Jet Black color. However, some Russian graphic designers thought of a matte white iPhone 7 Plus and they made a mockup of it just to show how well it’ll look.

Matte White iPhone 7 Plus Concept by LS Graphics, Anton Mishin, Ruslan Latypov, and OZBY Visual on Behance.

As you can see, the matte white iPhone 7 Plus looks beautiful. The last time Apple had an all-white iPhone was back in the days of the iPhone 4S. After that, all iPhones are not all-white. For example, the Rose Gold iPhone 7 is only white from the front. Personally, in my opinion, this color option should be with the upcoming iPhone, as it looks amazing. For more, keep it locked on GeeksULTD.

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