The new PlayStation 4 Camera has been officially launched and it is now available for purchase. This new and updated PlayStation 4 Camera is quite similar to the old variant. It is now in cylindrical shape, which looks good and easier to calibrate.

Meet the New PlayStation 4 Camera - Now Available for Purchase

This is a great thing, especially for Twitch streamers. With the new PlayStation 4 Camera, you can broadcast yourself in livestreams, in all supported apps. Also, certain games like Just Dance, Until Dawn and Tearaway Unfolded utilize the PlayStation 4 Camera for additional functionality. It can also be used to navigate menus.

If you want to use the PlayStation VR headset with your PlayStation 4, you will also need the PlayStation 4 Camera. The PlayStation Move controllers have been revamped for the PSVR & PS4 too, so you will need the PlayStation Camera to use them.

If you’re interested in the new PlayStation 4 Camera, you can buy it from Amazon, for $58.61.


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