Ubisoft Releases Watch Dogs 2 Story Trailer - GeeksULTD

Everyone is eager to experience the new tricks that Watch Dogs 2 will come with later this year. In 2012, the original Watch Dogs game made it’s debut impressing many fans thanks to it’s gameplay, story, mechanics and graphics. Now with the sequel launching this quarter, us and many fans are eager to experience what’s in house for the new Watch Dogs 2 game.

This year around, quite a bit has been changed with Watch Dogs 2. This year we have new characters, hacking techniques and a much more intriguing multiplayer experience taking hacking and completing objectives to another level.

Recently, Ubisoft US release the Story Trailer for Watch Dogs 2 which shows how the main character plays throughout the game and what’s their objective. Here’s the trailer

Overall, the trailer seems quite promising. With the new multiplayer roadmap that Ubisoft has set, it’s interesting to see how long it keeps players attention.

Watch Dogs 2 is set to release on November 15 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.