Another EVGA GTX 1080 FTW Explodes, EVGA isn't happy

With the launch of Nvidia’s Pascal lineup, many manufacturers rushed to the scene to offer their variant of the GTX 1070 and 1080. EVGA has been a very well known manufacturer of Nvidia GPUs, and with the launch of Nvidia’s Pascal GPUs, EVGA had their take on these new chips, spicing up the card with their ACX 3.0 coolers and overclocks.

Another EVGA GTX 1080 FTW Explodes, EVGA isn’t happy

Another EVGA GTX 1080 FTW Explodes, EVGA isn't happy

But recently, EVGA cards, specifically the FTW lineup, have been experiencing cooling issues. Many people pointed out the improper cooling of the VRMs. Turns out EVGA saved a few bucks by not applying thermal pads on the VRMs which is quite an unfortunate move that they weren’t able to get away with. Since then, EVGA has started to send out thermal pads to customers to install the thermal pads and has also released a BIOS update with tunes up the card’s fan speed to keep the card cool.

With their cards under heavy pressure, the company promises to stand by with customers even if they mistakenly break their card while installing the thermal pads. To request the thermal pads, you can head over here to request for them if you own any of the affected cards. Make sure you have an EVGA account and register your card to get the thermal pads.

Another EVGA GTX 1080 FTW Explodes, EVGA isn't happy

Recently, a user on EVGA’s forums also encountered the ferocious issue in which his FTW GTX 1080 died and took away other components from his PC as well. According to the user, his GTX 1080 FTW died while he was playing Counter-Strike:Global Offensive, which is a fairly CPU-dependant game. During his gaming session, he noted his card sitting at 65° during his first match and after that noticed the card catching flames during his second match. Since then, the user tried to reach out to various EVGA representatives and received a mixed bag of replies when he complained about his PC dying along with the GPU. Here’s what they replied:

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EVGA US replied:

“There’s no proof that the card caused damage to the rest of the computer”

Meanwhile, EVGA Germany replied:

“Sorry, please send photos followed by the card and we’ll see what we can do”

While the customer wasn’t entertained by EVGA US’ response, it seems like EVGA Germany should be giving a follow up to the user.

  • Apocolyptica

    I am glad I skipped that generation of cards, I am waiting for whatever is next..

  • suli559

    Enjoying my 2 980ti cards. I’ll upgrade in 5 years no biggie

    • Anthony


  • Exare

    65C is not that hot for a GPU, so seeing as it caught fire with that as a peak temperature is incredibly concerning.

    I’ll still be picking up a 1080ti come this spring, Founder’s Edition straight from nvidia though. Playing it safe.

    • Afrasiyab Khan

      That’s cool. But I’d suggest getting a ZOTAC or ASUS 1080Ti for improved temperatures and no risk of the bangs.
      This is so far only happening with EVGA cards.

      • Exare

        Nah, no 3rd party for me this time around. Now that Nvidia chose to manufacture they’re own cards Nexus-style with the Founder’s cards I’ll spend the extra smackers to get one from them. They’re a bit thermal throttled because of the blower style cooler I hear, but at least they don’t catch fire. Ha.

        Thanks for the suggestion though. You’ve got good taste. I have tons of Asus mobos, tablets, and other things so I’d definitely recommend them too if anybody was looking for a factory OC’d card.

        • Afrasiyab Khan

          Yeah, Founder’s Edition is a bit to the hotter side but I must say it looks awesome. Best of luck for our purchase! 😀

          • Exare


  • Counter Strike and a 1080. If your inclined to play those types of games I would be looking somewhere down market with a GPU.

    • Afrasiyab Khan

      Still, CSGO isn’t a demanding game. It’d be a bit more reasonable if the guy was playing something like MAFIA 3 or CoD Infinite Warfare but CSGO? That game barely puts any load on the GPU. And still it caught flames.. Bad.